Productos del Encinar: Select Iberico Products

Productos del Encinar was established in 1990. Since then and under the close supervision of expert ham producers, our company works continuously to improve the production process, maintaining a quality control system that complies with the strictest European regulations, while also managing our own control system in order to guarantee the safety of all our products.

Quality and the rigorous standards applied to the industrial process are constantly at the forefront of our work when handling our products, piece by piece,with the care that authentic Iberico products truly deserve.

In the second quarter of 2009, we launched our new brand – D'encinares – onto the market. Now, all Productos del Encinar products are sold under this brand name. Through this change, we aim to renew our brand image while maintaining the rigorous standards and quality that characterise our work.

We show you how to cut a D'encinares Iberico Ham

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In addition to the extraordinary characteristics of the Iberico pigs and the best diet, we add to our products the quality guaranteed by Productos del Encinar.

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The Iberico Quality Standard

The Iberico Quality Standard

Our products are certified by OCA INSTITUTO DE CERTIFICACION, S.L.U. in line with the Quality Standard for Iberico Pigs.

This Standard establishes the quality-related characteristics that the Iberico ham (jamón), front shoulder (paleta) and pork loin (lomo) sold in Spain must comply with in order to satisfy the sales descriptions that are defined according to the type of pig and its diet.

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