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  • Dehesa Extremeña

    Dehesa Extremeña

    Only in the meadows of Extremadura will you find the perfect combination of acorns and natural pasture.

  • The Acorn

    The Acorn

    The acorn, whether from holm or cork oaks, is the basis of the Iberico pig’s diet during the fattening period.

  • Iberico Pig

    Iberico Pig

    Selecting the best Iberico pigs guarantees the best quality products.

  • Free-range Pigs

    Free-range Pigs

    Our Iberico pigs are completely free to roam and this is important not only in order to ensure better use of resources but also as a means of guaranteeing the animal moves around enough.

  • The Fattening Period

    The Fattening Period

    During the fattening period (montanera), the herd takes advantage of all the available resources, both varied and plentiful, that the meadows have to offer. These are mainly grass, acorns and roots.

  • Fattening


    During the fattening period, the Iberico pig increases its weight by 50%.

  • Shaping


    A day after slaughtering and after properly refrigerating the meat, we cut and shape the legs in the traditional v-shape.

  • Salting


    Through a process during which both humidity and temperature levels are monitored, we salt the legs. The length of the salting period varies according to weight.

  • The Maturing Period

    The Maturing Period

    During this stage, also called the post-salting period, the leg is stabilised in order to avoid any changes or external contaminants. This is carried out under controlled temperature and humidity conditions.

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