Legal Statement

1. Company details

In compliance with article 10 of Spanish Law 34/2002, dated 11th of July, on Information Society Services and e-Commerce, the company’s identification details are provided.

Name: Productos del Encinar, S.L.

Trade Name: Productos del Encinar

Spanish Tax ID number: B06143614

Business Address: Crta. Zafra-Huelva, km 20; 06378, Valverde de Burguillos - Badajoz 

Telephone: +34 924 57 06 12 


Productos del Encinar, S.L. is a company registered in the Badajoz Companies Register, Volume 15, Page 172, Sheet BA-662, registered under 1ª NIVA ESB06143614.

For anyquestions in issue or subject to interpretation that may arise from the provision of the services offered via the Website, Spanish law will be applied and, if necessary, both parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Badajoz, thus renouncing any other jurisdictions that maycorrespond to them.

2. Intellectual Property

The source code, graphics, images, photographs, sounds, animated content, software, texts and the information and content featured on are protected by Spanish legislation on intellectual and industrial property rights in favour of Productos del Encinar S.L. and the reproduction and/or publication, either fully or in part, of the Website, as well as it being made available in digital format, distributed, disseminated, changed, transformed or decompiled or any other rights legally recognised by the owner are not allowed without the prior written permission of the same.

The user can only use the material that appears on this Website for personal and private use and cannot use it for commercial purposes or for taking part in illegal activities. All rights deriving from intellectual property are expressly reserved by Productos del Encinar, S.L.

Productos del Encinar, S.L. will therefore monitor both compliance with the aforementioned conditions and the rightful use of the content presented on its webpages, and exercise all the available civil and criminal procedures in the case of breach or failure to comply with these rights by the user.

3. Personal Data Protection

Within the framework of compliance with the legislation in force, included in Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, dated 13th of December, on Personal Data (LOPD), whose aim is to guarantee and protect, in relation to the handling of personal data, the fundamental freedoms and rights of natural persons and especially their honour and personal privacy,Productos del Encinar informs users that it has adopted the necessary technical and organisational measures as ordered by the law currently in force.

The Personal Data gathered by Productos del Encinar are the subject of automated use and are duly registered at the Data Protection Agency, as owned by Productos del Encinar. The Personal Data obtained through the user registration form are transferred to the proper National or International registering Authority or Body. Thesole aim of this transfer is to comply withobjectives directly related to the legitimate functions of the assignor (Productos del Encinar, S.L.) via the contract, that is, the registration of the domain name. The automated gathering and handling of Personal Data has the objective of maintaining the contractual relationship that may be established with Productos del Encinar, and of undertaking tasks relating to information, training, trading (when the latter is identified as such) and other activities pertaining to the company.

Productos del Encinar has adopted suitable security levels for the data provided and, furthermore, has installed all the technical means and measures available to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of the data provided. The user will, at all times, be able to exercise the right recognised in the LOPD concerning access, correction, cancellation and opposition.

4. Miscellaneous

A.- Productos del Encinar uses cookies that will be stored in your computer. Cookies are small files that our computer sends to yours but they do not provide us with information relating to your name or any of your personal data. The cookies we use cannot read your computer data or read the other cookies on your computer.

When the user is surfing Productos del Encinar’s pages, the server where the page is hosted automatically recognises your computer’s IP address, as well as the date and time on which you start your visit, when you leave the page and the information on the different sections that you visit. The server needs to know this information in order to communicate and send the request made, which can be seen on the screen via the browser.

If you should so wish, you can configure your browser’s settings to ensure it advises you on the screen that you are about to receive a cookie. The user can set up his/her computer in such a way so as not to receive these cookies and this will not mean that he/she cannot access the information on the Website.

B.- Productos del Encinar can change, without prior warning, any of the information featured on its Website, as well as the settings and display.

C.- Productos del Encinar commits to NOT UNDERTAKING FALSE ADVERTISING via this channel. To this effect, the following will not be considered to be false advertising: errors of form or number that can be found throughout the content of the different sections of Productos del Encinar’s website, produced as a result of incomplete or faulty maintenance work and/or updates of the information contained in these sections. Productos del Encinar, as a result of whathas been prescribed in this section, commits to correcting these errors as soon as it is made aware of them.

D.- Productos del Encinar commits to NOT DISTRIBUTING COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS WITHOUT IDENTIFYING THEM AS SUCH, in line with what is prescribed in Spanish Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and e-Commerce. To this effect, the following will not be considered commercial communication: all information sent TO PRODUCTOS DEL ENCINAR CUSTOMERS that has the goal of maintaining the existing contractual relationship between the customer and Productos del Encinar, as well as the undertaking of information and training tasks and any other activities pertaining to the service that the customer has agreed to with the company.

E.- Productos del Encinar does not accept responsibility for failure to comply with any applicable regulations that could be committed by the user on accessing the Website and/or the use of the information contained on the page.

F.- Productos del Encinar will not be held responsible for any damage produced or that may be produced, of any kind, deriving from the use of the information and material on this Website and the programmes that it incorporates. The links and hypertext that allow the user to access facilities and services offered by third parties through the company’s Website do not belong to and are not controlled by Productos del Encinar; we accept no liability for the information on these sites or any effects that could derive from this information.

G.- Productos del Encinar does not accept liability for the illegal use that third parties may make of the brand names, product names, brands that, without being the property of said entity, appear on the Website. Neither is it responsible for the integrity, truthfulness and lawfulness of the content of the links to websites that may be accessed via

H.- Productos del Encinar does not accept liability for any viruses whose origin can be found in a telematic transmission infiltrated by third parties (for example, word processer macros, Java applets or Active X programmes), generated with the aim of creating negative results forthe IT system.

I.- In short, the User is the only person responsible for the use he/she makes of the services, content, links and hypertext included on the company’s Website.

The Iberico Quality Standard

The Iberico Quality Standard

Our products are certified by OCA INSTITUTO DE CERTIFICACION, S.L.U. in line with the Quality Standard for Iberico Pigs.

This Standard establishes the quality-related characteristics that the Iberico ham (jamón), front shoulder (paleta) and pork loin (lomo) sold in Spain must comply with in order to satisfy the sales descriptions that are defined according to the type of pig and its diet.

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