In addition to the extraordinary characteristics of Iberico pigs along with the best diet, the quality guaranteed by Productos del Encinar is also a fundamental part of our products.

The cutting, salting, maturing and natural drying processes are perfectly integrated into our sequence of work, which, as well as respecting the natural production process, maintains and preserves the art of curing in all senses.

The expert skills of our master ham producers and their profession, passed down from generation to generation, in parallel with the most advanced techniques for the production of Iberico products leads to the creation of meats that will satisfy even the most demanding of palates.

Dehesa de Extremadura Protected Designation of Origin Ham, high quality Iberico products and exquisite cured meats all define a company that continues to invest in quality, technological innovation and good taste.

In the Photos section, you can get some insights intoour work during the different stages of the process.

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The Iberico Quality Standard

The Iberico Quality Standard

Our products are certified by OCA INSTITUTO DE CERTIFICACION, S.L.U. in line with the Quality Standard for Iberico Pigs.

This Standard establishes the quality-related characteristics that the Iberico ham (jamón), front shoulder (paleta) and pork loin (lomo) sold in Spain must comply with in order to satisfy the sales descriptions that are defined according to the type of pig and its diet.

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