Iberico Quality Standard

In terms of the breed of the animal that constitutes the raw material, two designations have been established:

Iberico puro: from pure Iberico parents, both registered in the pedigree book.

Iberico: from an Iberico or Iberico puro mother.

In terms of what the animal is fed immediately prior to slaughter, four designations are established:

De bellota o terminado en montanera (acorn-fed)
De recebo o terminado en recebo (fed on a combination of acorn and grain)
De cebo de campo (grain-fed in the open air)
De cebo (grain-fed in pig sheds)

In order to satisfy the guidelines established by the quality standard, systems have been put in place to ensure the traceability of our products. This involves the strict monitoring of the animals from birth to the sale of the products made from their meat.

This labelling process for the Hams (Jamones), Front Shoulders (Paletas) and Loins (Lomos) guarantees complete and truthful information on the nature and characteristics of the products acquired by the consumer.

We are convinced that technological innovation introduced alongside production experience and the proven quality of the products on offer will satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding consumer.

Even though all change requires considerable effort, we are firmly committed to the implementation of this standard, which aims to clarify the market and organise the Iberico sector.

The Iberico Quality Standard

The Iberico Quality Standard

Our products are certified by OCA INSTITUTO DE CERTIFICACION, S.L.U. in line with the Quality Standard for Iberico Pigs.

This Standard establishes the quality-related characteristics that the Iberico ham (jamón), front shoulder (paleta) and pork loin (lomo) sold in Spain must comply with in order to satisfy the sales descriptions that are defined according to the type of pig and its diet.

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